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Sustainable manufacturing process

Sustainable manufacturing process

There is no point in using a product which saves energy if in its manufacturing processes it used more energy to produce than it will ever save – would this rest easy on your conscience?

Product can be replaced

Can we afford to use the natural resource? Will the planet be able to survive without it?

Certain types of timber can be re-grown at a sustainable rate thus meaning that by using a timber frame for your home you are not damaging the planet because the resource will be replaced.

Sustainable supply chain & manufacturing process

  • Consolidation
  • Transport efficiency
  • Waste reduction – packaging
  • Back hauling
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Local supply points
  • Worldwide expertise
  • Long term commitment

The Tudor Griffiths team has worked very hard to ensure that our portfolio of sustainable construction materials is not only fit for purpose, but is also backed by a robust and established supply chain.

We want to ensure we can make these products available to you through our network of 12 ready mixed concrete plants, two quarries, 8 builders merchants branches, a licensed landfill site and one of the most up to date, state of the art, recycling facilities in the United Kingdom which is right here in Ellesmere.

The cement used in the manufacture of our concrete is produced under the most stringent and exacting environmental restraints by Hanson plc at their Padeswood Works in Flintshire, North Wales.

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