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Biomass Fuel Options

Renewable and sustainable energy is a growing trend in the UK and beyond, and TG Group is committed to delivering the very best results and environmental standards.

Licensed and recognised by the Environment Agency, TG Renewable Energy is constantly revising and updating its procedures to maximise the collection of energy in all departments.

Tudor Griffiths Group’s new Biomass plant and drying facility at Wood Lane, Ellesmere is almost 3,000sq. m. This impressive building houses seven x 1 megawatt boilers.

The team offers a service providing premium woodchip and shred out of their bespoke Biomass plant in Ellesmere, which opens up the TG Renewable Energy division to a whole new customer base.

Renewable and sustainable energy is a key objective for the group and we are committed to delivering the best results and environmental standards.

Collection or Delivery Available

Whether it’s a full articulated walking floor delivering 23 tonnes of wood fuel directly into an underground fuel store or storage barn, or a bulk bag delivery from one of our rigid vehicles, we have the perfect delivery as well as collection solution for you.

We offer a variety of transport options:

  • Tipper Units
  • Walking Floor Units
  • Skips
  • Bulk Bags


Drying Service

We also offer a drying service for the following:

  • Drying and bagging of logs
  • Dry feed grains and pulses
  • Kiln dry timber
  • Contract woodchip drying

For more information please email biomass-sales@tggroup.co.uk

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