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Restoration and Sustainability

Our Commitment

At TG Group, we are committed to operating every area of our business with a sustainable approach and a commitment to care for the environment. We believe that responsible business involves reducing the consumption and waste of both materials and energy, and making a positive contribution to preserving and improving the landscapes and communities in which we work.

The Tudor Griffiths Group has a comprehensive environmental policy in place which is specifically targeted at ensuring that the extraction of sand & gravel from its quarries is underpinned by a strong commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

Progressive Restoration

Progressive restoration is an essential part of the management of its quarries at Wood Lane, Ellesmere and Cefn Graianog, near Caernarfon. This involves restoring the land to its original agricultural use or alternatively creating appropriate land forms which promote a diverse range of wildlife habitats and species. In the latter case the objective is to enhance the environment and encourage biodiversity, thus providing an opportunity for recreation and education for the wider community.

Stakeholder Involvement

Encouragement of "stakeholder involvement" through local liaison meetings, school educational visits and participation through the Mineral Products Association helps to inform the community about the potential dangers at quarries and plants.

A recognition of our responsibility to warn and inform is taken on board.

Wood Lane Nature Reserve

In particular at Wood Lane, Ellesmere the company has worked closely with Shropshire Wildlife Trust in establishing a public nature reserve on part of the restored quarry.

The award winning Wood Lane Nature Reserve, is home to a variety of birds who find a perfect habitat in the woodland, wildflower meadows, grassland, lagoons and wetland on offer. Along with our colony of over 500 sand martins, Swans, ducks and Kingfishers are amongst the 180 species that have been recorded to date. The site is popular with a wide cross section of the community, including anglers, bird watchers and school children to name a few, as well as attracting visitors from further afield.

With its function as an educational site, the nature reserve hosts hundreds of schoolchildren each year accompanied by Shropshire Wildlife Trust teaching staff. They come to learn about sustainability, wildlife, rocks and minerals, as well as gaining valuable insights into both geography and history.

Spacious bird hides provide the perfect venue for teaching and children enjoy trips around the quarry on a purpose built trailer.

Award Winning Efforts

Such is the commitment by the Tudor Griffiths Group to restoration and conservation, that it has won a number of major national awards, in particular The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) declared it 'Best Quarry Site' in its 'Bird Challenge' competition, as well as awarding first prize for 'Conservation and Community Involvement'.

Meres & Mosses Business Environment Network

Tudor Griffiths Group are proud members of the Meres & Mosses Business Environment Network (MMBEN).

"The Meres & Mosses Business Environment Network brings together companies from Shropshire and the surrounding counties with an interest in becoming more sustainable and reducing their environmental footprint. TG Group were pivotal in helping to set this initiative up when it launched in 2014 and have been strong advocates ever since. It’s great to see that their approach to recycling and protection of the environment is now branching out to also include renewable energy" Tom Hayek - Corporate & Business Development Manager, Shropshire Wildlife Trust

For more information about Meres & Mosses Business Environment Network please visit. www.meresandmossesben.co.uk

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