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Health and Environment

Our Responsibility

The Tudor Griffiths Group is proud not just of its rich heritage, but also of its position as a dynamic, forward-thinking company which is continually developing. We are passionately committed to our responsibility to operate in a responsible manner, not just to minimise the impacts of our current and future activities, but also to contribute wherever possible to a better and more sustainable long-term environment.

Activities such as quarrying, the supply of building materials and waste management serve vital social needs - but they also have the potential for conflict with the environment. Quarried materials are essential to the construction of roads, railways and other infrastructure as well as domestic and commercial buildings from homes and offices to hospitals and schools. However, continuous extraction of materials can come at a great cost to both the landscape and its natural inhabitants.

It is our aim to take a responsible and caring approach to every aspect of our work, so that we can help to preserve the condition of the planet for present and future generations. We believe that responsible business starts at the local level with care for our immediate surroundings, and extends to reducing fuel and energy consumption, sustainable procurement, reducing or eliminating waste production and showing respect for the natural environment around us. We encourage every member of the team to embrace these core values.

Our Wood Lane Nature Reserve and our modern Materials Recycling Facility are just two examples of where we have gone above and beyond our basic responsibilities and demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment to the environment.

Tudor Griffiths Environment Policy

Our environmental commitment is formally set out in the Tudor Griffiths Environment Policy, which sets the criteria by which we manage our operations in line with our defined objectives, relevant legislation and procedures. We are conscious that some of our operations take place in areas of special environmental interest, and put the safeguarding of such areas from damage and disturbance at an absolute priority.

We seek to continually improve our environmental performance, ensuring that everything we do either meets or exceeds the obligations and expectations placed upon us, and actively encourage our staff to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining our standards throughout the course of their work. We support this with relevant training and development as appropriate to the various roles within the organisation.

Alongside complying with the latest environmental laws, we continually monitor best practice as well as observing the latest innovations that are relevant to our sector, adopting new practices at the earliest opportunity wherever possible. All of our staff are encouraged to share in our corporate responsibility, and we welcome every suggestion for improvement, no matter how small it may seem.

Working With the Community

Working in harmony with the local community is central to the Tudor Griffiths Group ethos, as evidenced by the close working relationship with, and support for, Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

We value the opinions and contributions of stakeholders including local wildlife trusts and organisations, schools and educational groups and of course the residents of the localities in which we work.

Our award winning Wood Lane Nature Reserve is a great example of our commitment to the community, receiving first place awards for both conservation and community involvement.

The progressive restoration programme at Wood Lane Quarry has resulted in the creation of attractive land forms which promote a diverse range of wildlife habitats and species. In fact, over 180 species of birds have been recorded at Wood Lane since the nature reserve was established in 1999. As well as enhancing the environment and encouraging biodiversity, the site provides an excellent opportunity for recreation and education for the wider community.

As a leading supporter of the Meres & Mosses Business Environment Network, whose mission is to enhance the environmental understanding and performance of businesses operating within this area of national importance, we contribute to improving both the environmental performance and profitability of local businesses and promote a greater understanding of the importance of sustainability. At the same time, our involvement helps to protect key species, enhance important sites for nature, improve water quality and improve public access to the countryside.

A Responsible Employer

At the same time, we aim to be a responsible employer by providing every member of staff safe and healthy conditions for working. We treat every employee fairly, and respect the values and security of our staff and their families.

We are committed to having a fully trained and competent workforce and actively promote vocational training for our employees. We believe that our staff are our greatest asset, and are proud to invest in their ongoing development. As a significant employer in our service areas, we recognise the importance of offering stable and reasonably paid job opportunities to our local workforce and therefore are committed to hiring from our local communities, thus supporting the local economy.

We do our best to extend this commitment to our suppliers and partners and endeavour to work with responsible suppliers and service providers who respect and share our core values.

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