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Our Responsibilties

With a proud history of over 150 years, TG Group has been on the map for a long time. Since our early days, we have placed an emphasis on operating as a caring, considerate and ethical company that operates in a responsible manner and is sensitive to the needs of our environment, employees and the wider community.

Restoration & Sustainability >

We recognise that the extraction of sand & gravel from our quarries brings with it a high level of responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of such operations, not just in terms of the energy and materials used, but also the direct impact that the process has on the habitats and landscapes in which it takes place.

As part of our wider commitment to the environment, we operate a progressive restoration programme. This means that we are committed to restoring land to a state that is equal to or even better that that in which it was found once extraction is complete. This has resulted in the creation of the Wood Lane nature reserve, which now takes pride of place at the heart of our environmental efforts and is a powerful showcase of our success in this area.

Health & Environment >

As a dynamic, forward-thinking company which is continually developing, we are passionately committed to our responsibility to operate in a responsible manner, not just to minimise the impacts of our current and future activities, but also to contribute wherever possible to a better and more sustainable long-term environment.
It is our aim to take a responsible and caring approach to every aspect of our work, so that we can help to preserve the condition of the planet for present and future generations. We believe that responsible business starts at the local level with care for our immediate surroundings, and extends to reducing fuel and energy consumption, sustainable procurement, reducing or eliminating waste production and showing respect for the natural environment and people around us, including our employees, their families and the wider community. These core values are at the heart of the Tudor Griffiths Health and Environment Policy.

As part of our commitment to protecting the areas in which we operate, we actively support the Meres & Mosses Business Environment Network, whose mission is to enhance the environmental understanding and performance of businesses operating within this area of national importance. As well as helping to protect key species, enhancing important sites for nature, improving water quality and improving public access to the countryside, our involvement contributes to improving both the environmental performance and profitability of local businesses and promoting a greater understanding of the importance of sustainability.

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