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New machine improves efficiency

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Waste processing experts at a Shropshire firm have taken delivery of new machinery that will improve the efficiency of their operation.

The team at TG Enviro, in Ellesmere, needed a versatile machine to handle the diverse range of waste they process on site, and so have purchased the new Fuchs MHL331 F from Blue Central Group.

TG Group transport manager, Jamie Jones, said the new machine was the perfect solution to deal with the many varied duties the team needed to complete.

“We needed machinery that could used to process commercial, wood and domestic waste, as well as loading wagons with Biomass wood-chip, and the Fuchs model is perfect for us.

“It allows us to use one machine for lots of different applications around the site, making our operation much more efficient, and it is also extremely precise in its handling and is very comfortable to work in.”

Chris Matthews, head of Fuchs sales at Blue Central, said the MHL331 F series offered flexibility matched with the required speed of cycles necessary in recycling. He said the machine offered a 10.7 metre reach with powerful and quick hydraulics with class-leading fuel efficiency.

“We also supplied TG Enviro with a full waste pack specification, meaning the MHL331 F can work in enclosed dusty environments with ease, thanks to its reversing fans, dust suppression and air intake pre-filters.”

The deal comes at an exciting time for Blue Central, as TG Enviro’s purchase was the first Fuchs machine sold since Blue Fuchs was integrated into Blue Group’s regional businesses.

General manage at Blue Centre, Aidan McGeary, said: “It’s great for Blue Central to have sold their first Fuchs machine since the merger to an advanced company like Tudor Griffiths Group. Working with Jamie and his team has been a pleasure. I am glad we have supplied a machine that is perfectly suited to the company’s requirements.”

TG Enviro is committed to delivering the very best results from all the waste that is processed on all the Tudor Griffiths Group’s sites.

As part of the company’s commitment to increasing the amount of recycling of incoming waste at their Wood Lane site in Ellesmere, they have now built a £4.5 million Biomass plant and drying facility where the new machinery will be used.

Pic: TG Group managing director Tudor Griffiths and Aidan McGeary, managing director of Blue Group with the new machinery

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